Cassandra Warner


TV Cogeco Interviews Cassandra Warner

Catch this sneak peek of TV Cogeco's interview with Milton's own Cassandra Warner, for their new show featuring the Milton Centre for the Arts, Art & Soul, debuting on local cable channel 14 on September 10.


"we’re taken a long way very fast, especially with Cassandra Warner’s seductive arrival.  We don’t doddle around with the soldiers, the children’s chorus or the cigarette factory, oh no.

And it all clicks in an instant because Warner is a very beautiful Carmen.  She scans the audience during the Habanera as if checking every one of us out (and yes for a moment I was also so swallowed up by the moment that I was wishing her eyes would land on mine and…?), singing of love while every eye is upon her. It’s inevitable that the innocent José Harper plays would be out of his depth, and easily reeled in by her.  He’s overmatched by the accomplished extrovert, exactly as the score gives it to us in the longer opera.  This is the prescribed dynamic, given that Carmen & Escamillo are confident extroverts singing boastfully to crowds, while José and Micaela are lonely romantics in comparison.

I look forward to hearing how Warner’s voice develops in the years to come.  Yes she’s a wonderful actor, physically beautiful, but (oh but I must sound like such a nerd) the voice?  The high notes have me wondering what she’ll be singing in a decade’s time. When she hit her top notes I was thinking of a voice like Susan Graham, where she’s on the boundary of being a soprano, and very assured up there, even if her colour is luscious and dark in the middle voice.

I believe she’s a conductor’s dream, almost too precise in her near-perfect intonation.  I wondered if she’s also an instrumentalist, because I’m not accustomed to singers who sing this accurately."


Tea With Opera (2014/2015 Season)

The Oakville Opera Guild holds Tea with Opera meetings monthly on Tuesday afternoons at 1.30 p.m. at the Oakville Central Library, Navy Street, and on three Friday evenings a year (locations to be announced). Each meeting concludes with tea and refreshments. 

Visitors are welcome to attend an introductory meeting on payment of a $10 fee that goes towards a scholarship for a student attending the Faculty of Music, U. of T., and an annual donation to the Canadian Opera Company. Membership in the Guild ($25 per annum) is required in addition to the $10 fee for attendance at subsequent meetings.

For information on locations for the Friday evening meetings, please call Joan at 905 827 5678 or Mo at 905 634 6977, and come and join us at our upcoming 2015 events:

  • Tuesday, May 12 at 1:30 p.m. 'The Life of an Opera Singer' - a presentation with live singing by Cassandra Warner, award-winning mezzo-soprano.

Taking It In

Opera singer Cassandra Warner, formerly of Milton, visited the Milton Centre for the Arts recently in advance of her fall concert with Milton Concert Presentations.